Larkin Square Rules for Enjoyment!

Larkin Square is open to the public from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week.

Please see special procedures and information on COVID-19 for Larkin Square.

  1. Enjoy the seating and gardens in Larkin Square.
  2. Please deposit any waste in trash or recycling totes and cans located around Larkin Square.
  3. Play Pickleball and Hula Hoop. Please do not take hoops or pickleball paddles and balls outside of Larkin Square.
  4. Restrooms will be open for use during Larkin Square events.
  5. Enjoy lunchtime by purchasing food in Larkin Square or bringing your own lunch.
  6. Park your bike in one of the round bike racks along the Seneca Street side of Larkin Square or across the street next to the Swan Street Diner.
  7. While you are a guest in Larkin Square, you may park your car in the lot across the street from Larkin Square behind the Swan Street Diner during lunchtime and business hours.
  8. Park in the event lot located at Hydraulic, Seneca and Exchange streets during public events. During events, you are also welcome to park in the surface lots along Exchange Street.