Bike to Work week in Larkinville on May 18th - Larkin Square

Bike to Work week in Larkinville on May 18th

Bike to Work, organized by Go Bike Buffalo comes to Larkinville on May 18th, 

Ride your bike to work and stop by Larkin Square to join GO Buffalo Niagara, GObike, and Reddy Bikeshare for: FREE Breakfast for the FIRST 25 RIDERS
• FREE Coffee & Water • Prizes • Giveaways • Discounts
Check out GObike and GO Buffalo Niagara on social and share a picture of a bike ride that replaces a car ride using #BikeMonthBFLO to enter to win 1 of 10 $50 Shop 716 gift cards.

Bike to Work Recommendations for Longer Commutes

Biking to work doesn’t need to be one-size-fits all. You can combine transportation options to design a commute that works for you each day – no need to bike the whole way if it isn’t realistic. Stay safe, drive less, and most importantly, enjoy the ride!

Get creative with the resources available to you – you might have more options than you think! Read through our recommendations below and get in on #bikemonthBFLO. See the Bike Month Calendar on the GObike website for info about events like Bike to Work Week breakfasts!


Park for free closer to your destination and hop on your bike for the final miles!

  • ●  Take a look at the Park & Ride map for options across the region.
  • ●  Consider parking at the park! There are no parking restrictions at Buffalo Olmsted Parks.
  • ●  Check out our route recommendations below.*


    Double up on sustainable modes of transportation with these ideas:

  • ●  Carpool with a buddy who can transport your bike to one of the free parking options

    above. You can find a carpool partner using 511NY Rideshare.

  • ●  Take advantage of Give Transit a Try ($40 off a 30-day NFTA pass) and bring your bike

    on the bus or train! Check out our #GiveMyRideARide tutorial on Instagram and the transit resources on our website to help you plan and prepare for your trip.


    Try Reddy Bikeshare! Sign up for a day pass or annual pass and borrow a bike from stations conveniently located around Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Use one of the options above to get to a station that works for you and/or use a Reddybike for meetings and errands downtown!

Post your creative commute using #bikemonthBFLO to Instagram or Facebook and tag GO Buffalo Niagara to be entered into a raffle to win a $50 Shop 716 e-gift card during the month of May!


Here are some fun routes we suggest that have bike lanes or off-street paths most of the way. The routes are under 5 miles each way and ride times vary from 15-25 minutes.

From the Northtowns

  1. 1)  Park along Lincoln Parkway near Delaware Park and take a relaxing ride into downtown using bike lanes on Linwood, then Delaware and/or Pearl Street.
    Google Maps Directions
  2. 2)  For a longer ride, park at Bird Island Pier and take the new cycle track along Niagara Street and the Shoreline Trail into downtown – don’t forget to take in the views of Lake Erie and the Niagara River!
    Google Maps Directions
  3. 3)  For riders who are more comfortable riding with traffic, a more direct route from LaSalle Station Park & Ride includes Main and Fillmore.
    Google Maps Directions
  4. 4)  Park at Martin Luther King Jr Park and ride Fillmore into Larkinville. Google Maps Directions

From the Southtowns

  1. 1)  Park at the Lackawanna Victory Transit Center and ride South Park Ave into Larkinville.

    Google Maps Directions

  2. 2)  Park in the West Seneca Municipal Parking and ride Seneca Street into Larkinville.

    Google Maps Directions

  3. 3)  Park at Martin Luther King Jr Park and ride Fillmore into Larkinville. Google Maps Directions

4) For a more scenic route, park at Buffalo Harbor State Park and take Ohio Street and South Park Ave into Larkinville.
Google Maps Directions

Disclaimer: All participants are responsible for obeying traffic laws and practicing safe bicycling habits. GObike Buffalo and GO Buffalo Niagara are not responsible for injury or damage to property of riders or equipment used in following this guide. Note that all directions listed in this document are informational only, and real-world road conditions may be different than is presented in the instructions. Riders are responsible for being aware of road conditions and adjusting their route as necessary. Helmets are recommended.