Ceremonial tapping of Community Beer Work’s satellite brewery at Hydraulic Hearth

On Saturday February 7th, 2015 from 10pm – 12 am celebrate the first pours from the Hydraulic Hearth’s Community Beer Work’s (CBW) onsite brewing operation. 

With a full-time brewer in-house, CBW is producing four signature brews at HH – Frank, an American pale ale; The Whale, a brown ale; THAT IPA, an American IPA; and the winter seasonal Stout Affective Disorder. As of Saturday, all four will be poured straight from the seven-barrel system, through HH’s hundred-year-old walls and brand new taps, and into pint glasses for the ever-increasing amount of Buffalonians thirsty for locally-brewed beer.  beer glass

“We’re honored to collaborate with CBW to further ‘Embeer Buffalo,’” said Hydraulic Hearth operator Harry Zemsky. “We’ve admired from the start the quality of their brews, and have now seen first-hand the passion they put into them – to be able to serve these beers as fresh as can possibly be is exciting.”

CBW President Ethan Cox added, “It’s awesome to finally taste the beer house-made. We already have the standard recipes well dialed-in, and pretty soon we’ll start creating some of the one-off beers CBW is well-known for producing – look for casks and barrel-aging soon down the line. For now, my advice is to drink all you can while it’s still relatively quiet in Larkin Square, because when spring turns to summer, the beer will disappear as fast as we can make it.”

The Hydraulic Hearth is located across the street from Larkin Square at 716 Swan St. For more information visit HydraulicHearth.com