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Natalie Hoerner on Gratitude

The Larkin Square Virtual Author Series was pleased to meet up with Natalie Hoerner to talk about gratitude. Natalie has published an illustrated journal for recording gratitude. A healthy practice all the time and especially welcome now in the time of Covid-19. The journal is available for purchase on her website: 20% of journal proceeds will be donated to Covid-19 relief.

Natalie is certified and licensed in Positive Psychology, the study of what makes people happy, through the Whole Being Institute. She studied under renowned Harvard Professor, Tal Ben-Sharar. She is licensed in facilitating the Inspire Your Ideal Workshop.

To help you express gratitude toward a friend, family member, neighbor or other person in your life, Natalie is giving away postcards that you can mail or drop off to your recipient. Visit for details on how to receive your cards. The full interview with Natalie Hoerner and Leslie Zemsky is at the end of this post. Thanks Natalie!

Free postcards from Natalie!