Quick exercise tips from the Larkin Training Room - Larkin Square

Quick exercise tips from the Larkin Training Room

While it can be challenging to keep up your regular exercise routine during this time of Covid-19, Robin Paget, owner of the Larkin Training room took a walk over to Larkin Square to share some exercise tips we can all do in our home, backyard or other open to the public space. These exercises do not require any extra equipment. Watch the video in this post for some fun moves!

Robin also shares her recipe for her favorite healthy snack: Mix 1 cup Greek Yogurt, 1 tablespoon peanut butter, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and pair it with a sliced apple.

The Larkin Training Room, located a few blocks to the east of Larkin Square, offers individualized, movement-oriented strength training in a semi-private setting. Robin works with up to three clients at a time, each client using a customized workout plan. Once gyms are back open, we encourage you to reach out to Robin to learn how she can help you meet your personal exercise goals. Robin can be reached by phone or email at 716-218-8581 or larkintrainingroom@gmail.com

Robin Paget, owner, Larkin Training Room
The Larkin Training Room on Seneca Street