"The Quirks of Larkin Square" Visit Buffalo Niagara - Larkin Square

“The Quirks of Larkin Square” Visit Buffalo Niagara

Thank you to Visit Buffalo Niagara and writer Charlie Fashana for taking the time out recently to dig deep into Larkin Square and learn what makes it unique…and the answer is…its all about the “Fun”.  We agree!

Visit Buffalo Niagara has been doing a fabulous job with discovering and sharing the gems of our region. From big attractions to little known restaurants, their new website and blog make is easy for visitors and residents to find something fun to do. 

Tourism is a growing industry in our region. Visit Buffalo Niagara works tirelessly to bring groups and individuals to Buffalo to meet, play and enjoy the offerings. They also host numerous writers from around the globe, touring with them and introducing them to the friendly folks in Buffalo, so they can help spread the word to their readers.

The secret is out! Buffalo is a great place to visit! Share your favorite places and things to do by posting a review on TripAdvisor, one of the top tools for planning a trip to our area!