Verlyn Klinkenborg and Lauren Belfer return to Buffalo

Larkin Square is pleased to welcome writer Verlyn Klinkenborg back to Buffalo for a special edition of the Larkin Square Author Series. Mr. Klinkenborg will be joined by his friend, fellow writer, and fellow expat Buffalonian Lauren Belfer.  Ms. Belfer will introduce Mr. Klinkenborg and both will participate in a Q and A along with a book signing.

Verlyn Klinkenborg is the author of the best selling Buffalo set book, The Last Fine Time.  While the novel centers around a polish tavern on Sycamore Street and its transformation from a pre-war tavern to a swanky fine dining restaurant, the real character in the book is the city of Buffalo in transition.

Mr. Klinkenborg is the author of several other books including Making HayThe Rural Life and Timothy; Or, Notes of an Abject Reptile. He was a member of the New York Times editorial board from 1997 – 2013.

Lauren Belfer is a Buffalo favorite as the author of City of Light and A Fierce Radiance.  This will be the third May that Ms. Belfer has returned to Larkin Square to talk about her writing and to introduce her writing friends to Buffalo and Larkinville!

It will be interesting for Mr. Klinkenborg to see the transformation of Larkinville, not far from the setting of the tavern in The Last Fine Time!