Black Lives Matter - Larkin Square

Black Lives Matter

 At Larkin Square, we stand with our Black community in the fight for an anti-racist society. We are grateful for all the listening, reading and learning we have done over the last week, spending time to begin to put it into actionable items. We are committed to making this a sustained growth central to Larkin Square’s future.
Over the last eight years, so many Black musicians, artists, community groups and small business owners have helped bring the Square to life. That said, we must do better in making a committed effort to further diversifying the voices we amplify, whether through music or vending opportunities or at a community table. We will also continue to work with neighbors and community members in and around Larkinville to be sure all feel welcome in Larkin Square. While due to COVID-19 this will not be a traditional summer of programming for us, we welcome suggestions for diversifying our programming and supporting community groups now and in the years to come.  For now, we commit to do the work needed to learn and grow.
We look forward to a time when we can safely welcome gatherings back to the Square again. In the meantime, we invite you to use the space for socially distant reflection, conversation and enjoyment.