Live at Larkin Week 9 - Caitlin Koch & Lady Lush & the Vinyls! - Larkin Square

Live at Larkin Week 9 – Caitlin Koch & Lady Lush & the Vinyls!

Caitlin-Lady Lush Larkin 8-12

Yall’re likely used to my hype by now, but rest assured there were many among our regulars who claimed that this past Wednesday’s Live at Larkin was one of their favorites of the past four years – Outer Circle Orchestra had the big crowd dancing like perhaps never before here, straight-up gettin’ down throughout and culminating with the collaborative encore with opening act Drea d’Nur, video below thanks to Buffalo.FM!

For Week 9, we’re gonna pick up where we left off in two ways – one, we can only hope to have the level of energy reached this week and in that video below; two, we’ll welcome again spectacular singer Caitlin Koch, the X-Factor veteran who helped us close out Live at Larkin last year in an all-time moment with the now late Lance Diamond, video also below! For the dual band encore with newcomers Lady Lush & the Vinyls – a wildly unique party band who’ll celebrate their first homecoming since moving as a group to NYC this spring – Caitlin is getting the bands ready to revisit that magic moment with Lance. With a table in our vendor marketplace, Music is Art will be in the square with Lance-related news to share, but I’m gonna leave it there – you’ll have to experience it all Live at Larkin, join us!