Live at Larkin Week 5 - The Ragbirds & Stoneflower! - Larkin Square

Live at Larkin Week 5 – The Ragbirds & Stoneflower!

Live at Larkin Ragbirds-Stoneflower 7-15-15

We enjoyed another extraordinary Live at Larkin in Week 4, as The Tins and Applennium each offered outstanding original sets before teaming on a trio of related classic covers culminating with The Traveling Wilburys’ “Handle with Care” – video below thanks to!

Week 5 is sure to stir another splendid summer scene as we welcome back one of only four acts that can claim to have played Live at Larkin all four years running – The Ragbirds, hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and featuring Lancaster-raised siblings Erin & TJ Zindle. Their unique, eclectic sound fits the square perfectly – fun, breezy, and easy to get into, The Ragbirds alway inspires attendees of all ages to smile and dance.

This year’s opening act for The Ragbirds is another Live at Larkin debut, this time one seen weekly around Western New York in Geno McManus and his new band Stoneflower, which played Food Truck Tuesday with us once last year. Geno performs live more nights than not – often solo at places such as Liberty Hound, every summer Thursday with his Osterians at Osteria 166, for special occasions donning fancy pants to lead his British Invasion tribute band The Ifs, and so many more incarnations. Well-established as a first-call human jukebox, Geno created Stoneflower as a vehicle for his original rock n’ roll, fitting the primary focus of Live at Larkin.

As the video below shows, last year we paired The Ragbirds with old friends and another homecoming in The Doyle Brothers, who made a great debut and led a singalong dual band encore with a couple Bob Marley covers; this year, with Geno in tow for the encore, Erin & TJ could probably call out any song that comes to mind and he’d be ready – join us to see it all Live at Larkin!